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Roulette Wheel Sectors - Sections Betting

European Roulette Wheel Strategy

Betting wheel sections in roulette, is a very good way of catching a group of numbers that may come up. Almost guarantying a few of the numbers in the wheel section will be caught. Think of wheel sector betting as a giant sea fisherman's trawlers net and the roulette wheel being the area of ocean you are fishing. It's very unlikely the roulette ball will not land in your part of the ocean over a certain amount of spins. Betting this way still requires a fair amount of skill and luck. That's where we come in and hopefully give you the edge. Traditional wheel sectors ( Jeu Zero, Voisins du Zero, Orphelins, Tiers du Cylindre ) are fine to bet on, up to a point. Another way is to break the mould in wheel sectors by splitting the wheel into three parts and choosing one of the thirds to bet on.

Think of the Mercedes logo design, then split the roulette wheel starting at the zero 0 top. Going clockwise on the European wheel.

First wheel sector numbers are   32  15  19  4  21  2  25  17 34  6  27  13

Second sector numbers are        36  11  30  8  23  10  5  24  16  33  1  20

Third sector numbers are            14  31  9  22  18  29  7  28  12  35  3  26

Betting zero 0 is optional.          

European Roulette wheel section betting or call bets traditional

Only straight bets are possible with the first roulette wheel sector numbers. As non of the numbers on the table layout touch in the same row or column. Large $12 total bet.  

Split bets can be wagered between eight of the twelve numbers in the second sector, 5 split 8, 10 split 11, 23 split 24 and 30 split 33 or 33 split 36. Straight bets on  1, 16, 20, 30 or 36. Lower $8 total bet.

Third sector bets 9 split 12, 26 split 29 and 28 split 31. Straight bets on 14, 22, 18, 7, 35 and 3. A $9 bet.

Almost one third of the roulette wheel is targeted in each of the 3 wheel sections. You need to observe which 3rd of the sector is most prevalent when playing, chances are it will stick around this section for a fair period of time. Obviously it is going to move around to other areas over this period, but your aim is to switch sectors only when your sure the roulette numbers have started to dominate a new sector of the wheel.

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