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Roulette System - Predict

Have a look at these roulette wheel beauties four black & seven red 4 & 7.  Also the other most common pair of roulette numbers in this roulette system is two black & five red 2 & 5.

Individual groups of roulette system numbers, that have a common connection with each other. Simply put, It seems some roulette numbers always have a friend, who they like to hang out with, sometimes they will drop, one after the other. Other times they will be slightly distant. But on the whole, they are pretty good roulette buddies. Now just roulette yourself go.

   Online Roulette System - fouroulette.com

  • Take the 4 & 7 say one of the two roulette system numbers comes up. It doesn't matter which one of the numbers comes out first.

  • Bet on both roulette numbers 4 & the 7 both.

  • You will be pleasantly 'Holy Moses' surprised to find that either the other system number, their roulette buddy comes out. Or, the same roulette number will come up again, within the next twelve spins only, usually a lot sooner.

  • Well it's not quite as simple as all that. Spin the roulette wheel for at least 27 times without 4 or 7 dropping in the roulette pocket, after these spins have passed. You keep spinning the roulette wheel. Until 4 or 7 drops in the roulette slot.

  • NOW, you can play the pair of roulette system numbers. This is when you pray the roulette ball will drop in the 4 or the 7 pocket you are wagering on. There is no 100% guaranty the roulette ball will land on one these numbers within the twelve spins. But there is a very good chance it will. Pretty good are the odds of this repetitious pattern of linked number pairs in the online roulette game.

  • It's not over yet, there will be one more system number to come up again. Playing both numbers again. Up to twelve spins.

  • That's it. But playing for that second system number to drop is a bit risky, lower chance. Still recommend you play it.

  • Pictured below is the complete Roulette Prediction Table for all 37 European Roulette numbers.


Roulette Prediction Chart - pictured below

roulette wheel prediction - fouroulette.com


Random Number Generation - RNG

These patterns of closely linked roulette numbers appear in all RTG, Cryptologic, PlayTech and Microgaming powered online casinos. It could be the big four software providers use a similar if not the same algorithm to generate random numbers. Though this is based purely on observations in play.     

A "random number generator" based solely on deterministic computation cannot be regarded as a "true" random number generator, since its output is inherently predictable. How to distinguish a "true" random number from the output of a pseudo-random number generator is a very difficult problem. However, carefully chosen pseudo-random number generators can be used instead of true random numbers in many applications. Rigorous statistical analysis of the output is often needed to have confidence in the algorithm.

 Quoted  from
Wikipedia the free encyclopaedia (Random number generation)

Quirk in the roulette random number generator? Or is it simply that the algorithm has an identifiable number bias? The roulette numbers are linked in some way or another and predictable most of the time. Choose one pair of roulette system numbers from above and have a go. Play in your casinos fun money mode. Wager for free, don't deposit any money at an online casino until you have tested fouroulette's roulette system.


Roulette System - Update Notes

Feedback from emails is on the whole very positive towards the actual predictive system numbers.

Yet the structure of the system has aroused much debate. The majority point of view, think that playing for that extra number is too hit and miss and suggest waiting for another appearance of one of the numbers and restart the bet again, continuing as a cycle of the mid section of the system.

For example:

Wait for a system number to appear.

Bet up to 18 spins (win bet before or up to 18 spins)

Start system over (wait for a system number to appear)

Even more debate about the 12 spins or sooner to a win. Again the majority view is that the numbers if or when they hit are sometimes in the 15 to 20 spins range.


Feasible Prediction for the Game of Roulette

"Hand-measurement of ball and wheel velocity for prediction. Using these measurements we where able to successfully predict the half of the wheel in which the ball would stop in13 of 22 trials. Yielding an expected return of +18%. This trial run included predicting the precise location in which the ball landed on three occasions."

Michael Small and Chi Kong Tse - Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Scientifically Proven Roulette Prediction




Please email any questions to if you know of any more of these linked winning roulette system numbers. Also if you think you can improve on the roulette system. Anything roulette you want to talk about. Check out more Systems in Roulette on the other pages.


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