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European Roulette Neighbors

Traditional roulette neighbor's betting the five piece bet and multiples up to the fifteen piece bet, are pretty good as far as strategy go's. That's not to say their isn't need for improvement.

Take the zero 0 for instance, traditional neighbors of this number 3 26 0 32 15 a five piece bet. Online we have a greater advantage with this roulette strategy, we just wait for the zero number to appear then play the five piece bet. It's always better to play when a number makes a showing. Playing seven spins and hitting one of the numbers on the seventh spin, would only get your total wager back. A Dollar on each number, $5 dollars a spin.

What about betting high on the main number. $2 Dollars on the 0. $1 dollar on the inner neighbors 26 & 32 and 50 cents on the outer neighbors 3 & 15. Still a $5 Dollar bet and because your betting a decent amount on a number that has already made an appearance. There's a good chance it might repeat, while the neighbouring numbers should cover your losses until you whack that main number.

Better still do two three piece bets like 26 0 32 and it's near diagonal wheel opposite numbers 24 5 10 or 5 10 23. Betting $1.50 on the main numbers and 50 cents on neighbors. Still a $5 bet. Only your judgement can dictate how you play one of the three neighbor bets suggested. Spin the wheel without betting for a period of time, get a feel for the sequences, emerging patterns, areas/sectors of wheel the ball is landing in. Then make your play. A little knowledge combined with a little bit of luck is better than luck alone.               


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