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Bonus is the gift of extra cash the online casino offers you to double or to treble your 1st time deposit and is widely promoted as a percentage and a maximum cash limit. A reward to a new player for signing up and joining. A present offered predominately for use on slot games to tempt slots players to play in the casino. In some instances it can be construed as a dangling carrot and therefore caution should always be exercised before entering in to any type of deal. Beware of all welcome bonuses, as they may not be all they seem. Watch out chiefly for the overly high, multiple wagering of above 25 times an amount equivalent to the bonus cash reward. Furthermore, don't feel you are compelled to accept a bonus, its not compulsory, its simply your own preference if you want it or not.


Follow the bonus rules

You unequivocally need to read the boring bonus rules to give yourself a simple map of how to navigate the bounteous online gaming sea's and steer your bonanza of elusive bonus treasure away from the rule citing bonus marooners. At first sight the generous giving of cash gifts the online casino offers for free, can seem like a great deal. Players can benefit from this and many do. Yet also many more don't.

Why is it then, that a higher degree of bonus takers don't benefit?

One outstanding reason is because the bonus is cocooned in protective layers of armour the casino uses to protect itself from rogue players that may harm their business. Customers that are known as bonus abusers, the casinos claim, are rife in the online gaming industry. Depending on the level of added protection to insure and defend from the potential abuse of their bonus gifts. It can all go a bit sideways, as now the bonus is potentially more likely to abuse everyone's chances of profiting from it. It seems at odds to burden the benevolent and benign, newly playing customers the casino wants to attract, with the same bonus impeding strategy of those profiteering rogues it wants to deter.


How it works

Let's say you deposit 100 and take up an offer of a 100% bonus. This doubles up your banknotes to show 200 in your casino account, great you might think, or maybe not as great as you might be led to believe. You are now theoretically twice richer at this point. Ok, you play a couple of games and profit by doubling your money and want to cash out your loot. Sorry no joy, might say the casino. You have to meet the terms of the bonus. And they may have a lot of those.

The most unnerving being the multiple times a bonus amount and sometimes the deposit amount as well as the bonus amount has to be wagered, over and over again et cetera, you get the picture. Anything from 25 times up to 80 times before it can be released as money you can keep and then subsequently make a withdrawal out of the casino and en route to your bank. Hold on tight as that was just an example of 1 of the labyrinthine rulings you might encounter.



As every casino has its own arrangement of rules of what you can and can't do with it, we have jotted down a few pointers of the popular suspects to watch out for:

  1. bonus wagering above 25 times dramatically reduces your chances

  2. bonus + deposit wagering combined covertly bumps up wagering

  3. a maximum bet size limit could be imposed

  4. non slots games e.g. blackjack will hugely increase bonus wagering

  5. playing table games and then playing slots is usually a rule breaker

  6. excluded games that are not playable with a bonus are a dead duck



If you happen to win big money using a bonus

If your heart is set on taking up the casinos offer. Our advice is to stick to the Slots and only the slots they say you can play on. Promise yourself now that you will read the casinos boring rules about the bonus before you play. Online casino management can sometimes be a pernickety bunch of nitpickers if you happen to win big money using a bonus. That means we can't emphasize enough that you must be ultra-careful in following the rules they have laid down. We don't want to frighten you. We are just pointing out how really important it is, because you never know luck might be on your side that day, unlikely, but hey, who knows.

Anyway, good luck. And remember the bonus isn't mandatory. Not your thing? Good call, maybe! Its worth noting that you can live chat the casino representative before you are about to deposit, if say you want to clarify and make doubly sure you do or don't want the bonus for your peace of mind and as a copy/record of that transcript. 2018. Play Online Roulette. Reviews by players.

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