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BINGO RINGO - Follow the Online Bingo Beat

Play bingo in bingo sites of bingo Britain and get free bingo cards. Get help from our resident monkey, Bingo Ringo, the cutest bingo monkey who bangs his bongos to alert you to the best online bingo in town.

Bingo lover: Which are the best bingo sites, Bingo Ringo?

Bingo Ringo: Hmm, it's a bingo jungle out there, there's a lot of wet Nellie, there's also bags of dodgy sites who might nick your bread and scarper without so much as a ta-ra. Poor, inferior, second rate, low quality, trashy, naff, mingy bingo sites.

Bingo lover: Hmm, OK, bingo monkey, but I want to know where is the UK's best bingo and top bingo sites to play online that'll make me feel pretty chuffed to bits?

Bingo Ringo: Follow me on my bingo trail through the bingo jungle, when you see me playing my bongos, there you'll discover a great, fine, excellent, first class, exceptional, high quality, first rate bingo site worthy of a bongo beat and bingo review. You'll be made up.


32 Red Bingo offers top of the line bingo graphics, an amusing free 10 no deposit bingo bonus when you sign-up and a free 100 bingo first deposit bonus. Mind boggling Internet bingo extras include regular bingo sweepstakes, life changing bingo jackpots, monthly bonus offers. Advertised on the telly.

Bingo Ringo say's, people fall in love very quickly with 32Red Bingo because its so simply laid out and everyone helps you get off to a good start with nice welcoming chat room hosts.

Bingo chat hosts, host the bingo games. A lovely team that's ready to answer your queries, call out bingo numbers and give you the best time you could hope for, like these special hosts, Lollypop, Heather, Casper, Caroline, Bubbles and Twinkle-toes.

Bingo Ringo sings  "BingoRingo, John, Paul, George and Ringo playing bingo to the lingo, Come on let's make it easy (Oh)
Take it easy (Yay yay yay) take it easy (Hoo)
Everybody's got something to hide except for me, I'm a monkey (ooh yeh)"



William Hill Bingo

Spend 10 cash on bingo tickets within a week of your first visit and a 25 bonus will automatically be paid into your bingo bongo mad bonus account.

Unlike some other bingo brands, William Hill Bingo wont have you depositing more money before you can make a withdrawal. What you win on bingo is your money to take away immediately! Ticket prices start at just 1p - plus oodles of free bingo games, growing jackpots and daily Bingo LinX cash prizes.

Bingo Ringo say's, you get a lot of free bingo when you play on big willy . Four hours of free bingo every Monday with Super books. Penny bingo all day Sunday. All day Bingo BOGOF on Saturdays. Free bingo every Thursday. Pre-buy bingo tickets to stock up. Play on the House, qualify every day. It's totally bingo Britain going bingo bananas.

Caring bingo community that share silly photos and messages for a cosy, warm, fun, talk and giggle. More ways to pay in money and withdraw bingo winnings than any other bingo site and CS are rocking around the live chat clock, 24 hours a day.


Play Virgin Bingo

Free Bingo every day when you spend 1 on bingo the day before in the freebie club. Penny Bingo and lot's of enticing offers every day of the week. Bingo 90 ball, bingo 80 ball and bingo 75 ball.

Bingo Ringo say's, Richard Branson Bingo is one incredibly popular online bingo site. Sir Richard wholly owns Virgin bingo and aims to be the #1 bingo site in the UK. This bingo site certainly wasn't set up by one of Sir Alan Sugars apprentice goons. This is no chimps tea party either, this is Bingo with a big bongo heart beat.

Put in 10, get a free 25 bonus, play bingo with 35!
    • Deposit 10.
    • Register a bingo chat name.
    • Spend 10 on BINGO TICKETS ONLY to unlock the bonus for play (excluding Bet Ball Bingo 80 & 75 mini games).
  • Wager bonus monies equal to five times (5x) the bonus amount (5 x 25 = 125) on BINGO TICKETS ONLY to turn any bonus winnings into real cash.
  • View your progress on the bonus:

Look at these Bingo card prices and oh dear I'm so tired I feel really knackered now, I'm going to sleep.

Lucky Clover Numbers Bingo - cards 5p - Jackpot 50000
Deal or No Deal Bingo - cards 10p - Jackpot 50000
Marrakesh Bingo - cards 2p - Jackpot 10000



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