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Live Roulette



Live Roulette is played with a live dealer aka a professional croupier and a proper real roulette table. Live roulette is the opposite to online software roulette. Online roulette shows a 3D computer generated image of the game with a computer program simulation.


Live online roulette is a TV studio camera sending live action from professional roulette dealers straight to a window on your computer screen. This allows the player to communicate and interact with the casino game in a live setting. Some live casinos have a minimum chip limit in live roulette starting at 10p and some start a little higher at 50 pence.



 Live Roulette Limits

Unibet 0.10 200000
Betfair 0.10 1000
888 0.50 40000
32Red 0.50 5000




Live Dealer Roulette High Stakes



High stakes is high table game limits where the limit is the maximum chips you are allowed to wager per game. The highest chip limit on one single number is much lower than the table limit.


If you have seen Derren Brown's TV series final live event where he attempted to predict the next result in roulette using a mental triangulation technique and deciding on number 8, staking five chips worth 1000 euro each which would of won 175000 euros, if it hadn't of dropped in the neighbouring number 30 adjacent to it.


Then that is what is known as High Roller Live Roulette. Take Unibet's live high stakes roulette tables as an example, some have a one hundred thousand euro maximum table limit.








Live French Roulette



Best Live Roulette for playing color bets. If the winning Roulette number is green zero (0) you get half of your bet back if you had bet on either Red, Black, Odd, Even, High or Low. French type Roulette bets are made available to play on too.




Live Roulette Chat


Chat to the live dealers and players. Type messages in the chat window to have a chit chat with the live dealer and depending upon what you say, you will most likely get a friendly spoken response from the dealer in the live video window. Seeing and chatting to the Roulette dealers brings a sociable feel to the game. Not happy with something? Call over the pit boss and sort the problem out live on air.



Q & A

What happens If your internet connection fails during a game? Your placed bets will stand and the game will continue. The winning result is recorded and paid out. You can check the results of that last roulette spin in the game history.

What is the attraction that draws players to live roulette? It has to be the knowledge that the live casino game is actually being played out in real time; not taped or recorded. It's a game of roulette that involves sometimes masses of spectators who are physically present on their computers, on the internet watching or participating in live entertainment together. Getting the same results from their particular roulette table as everyone else. The casino cannot trick, deceive or scam the roulette players as some sceptics believe online roulette software based games can. Live dealer roulette gives unquestionably true and safe results.



Low Stakes Live Roulette


Minimum bets on Live Roulette are greatly lower than physical walk-in city casinos. Low bets as little as 0.1 or 0.5 are good enough wagers to start the wheel spinning.


Flipping the other side of the coin, if your fairly flush, live table game maximums go right to the top-level stakes the same as Vegas casinos. Even Macau, China's Las Vegas is virtually online now at William Hill casino.



Live Roulette Plays on a Real Roulette Wheel and has a Croupier Dealer



Experience the Instantaneousness of Live Roulette video. The excited rush one get's from a good ole fashioned, in the moment, real Roulette game. You see the Live Roulette numbers outcome with your own eyes. A perceptual experience of seeing and hearing the live dealers interactions with the roulette table and wheel.



Hear the dealer call out the winning number and 'no more bets' as the next game gets underway. It is just the same as playing roulette at a casino in London. To top that, it's even more of a great sensation that your getting a cast iron guarantee of a fair and trusted game.



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